How to Say Have a Nice Day in Polish Language

Let's learn a very important and useful Polish phrase: Miłego dnia - Have a nice day.  - It's extremely useful if you want to be kind to other people. And there is a big chance - they will be grateful for that!

Now, it's your time, to watch the video!

Sentences and words used in the video:

Day - dzień

Miły - nice

Miłego dnia - Have a nice day

You can also say: Dobrego dnia - Have a good day

Good - dobry

How to respond for that?

Dziękuje, wzajemnie. - Thank you, you too.

Dziękuje - thank you

wzajmnie - you too

So now, we wish you Miłego dnia, wherever you are now!

Thank you for watching this video and see you soon!

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