How to Say Thank You in Polish Language

Let's learn a very important and useful Polish word, which is Dziękuję - Thank you. So simple, but very often too difficult to say.


Sentences and words used in the video:

Now, it's your time, to tell someone - Dziękuję.

Sentences and words used in the video:

Dziękuję- Thank you

takie - so, such

proste - simple

Takie proste słowo - So simple word

czasem - sometimes

zbyt - too

trudne - difficult

do - to

powiedzieć - to say

Czasem zbyt trudne do powiedzenia - sometimes too difficult to say

bardzo - very

Ci, Tobie - you

Dziękuje Ci bardzo - Thank you very much

When you want to thank more than one person, you say: dziękuję Wam (plural form)

Wam - You (plural form)

There is also a short form of Dziękuję - dzięki - which is thanks.

oglądać - to watch

film, wideo - video

tego - this

Dziękuję Ci za obejrzenie tego filmu - thank you for watching this video


Now you can say somebody in Polish Dziękuję!

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