How to Say I Love You in Polish Language

Love in Polish is MIŁOŚĆ. Now it's time to say in Polish: I love you - Kocham Cię - it can be very useful, when you really mean it:)


Now, it's your time, to tell someone you love - KOCHAM CIĘ!

Sentences and words used in the video:

Miłość - Love

to jest - it is

such - takie

piękne - beautiful

słowo - word

To jest takie piękne słowo - It is such a beautiful word

or you can say in a short version without using jest - is -> To takie piękne słowo - It is such a beautiful word.

kocham Cię - I love you

If you love more than one person, you say:

kocham Was - I love you

kochać czy nie kochać - to love or not to love

that is the question - oto jest pytanie

Now you can say somebody in Polish Kocham Cię:)

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